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Infrastructure project consultants

Our Goal

Why the “G” in Projegt?

Our Goal is not only to deliver Good client services but Great.
That is why, we put the “G” in Projegt as a daily reminder to our client commitment.


Our Business Model

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Business Model

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Projegt´s main focus is delivering best of class IT project management consultancy services within the IT infrastructure domain.

Projegt can support both implementation projects, transitions, cloudbased projects, procurement processes/tenders as well as developing process frameworks for infrastructure organizations.

Projegt deliver junior-, mid- and senior level consulting services.

Projegt are committed to continues development of our services, competencies and the individual project manager.

Who are we

Who we are

Projegt is a dedicated, skilled and experienced team, delivering infrastructure project management services to clients. Projegt is committed to handle client projects and activities as if they were our own.

At Projegt we have experience from all areas of infrastructure projects both on-premise, cloud, third party as well as procurement processes etc.

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What Makes Us Different

What Makes

Us Different

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  • Projegt focus entirely on IT infrastructure projects and related services
  • We sell our services 100% through dedicated partners
  • At Projegt, there is really no I in team!
  • Projegt is fully committed to continuous development of our competencies and services
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Projegt is located in the heart of the Copenhagen Østerbro area.
Address: Drejøgade 28, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

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